Massachusetts Foreign Language Association 2015 Fall Conference, October 29-31, Sturbridge, MA.

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Friday, October 30

8:00am EDT

Integrate Engaging Activities to Advance Mandarin Chinese Proficiency
Focusing on increasing students' language proficiency, this interactive workshop will present activities that have been used with successful results by the presenter. Participants will take part in pair and group activities to experience how to actively engage students to support language development. In Mandarin.


Na Lu-Hogan

Mandarin Chinese Teacher, Arlington Public Schools
Ottoson Middle School

Friday October 30, 2015 8:00am - 11:00am EDT
Seminar 2

1:00pm EDT

Developing Linguistic and Cultural Fluency in AP Courses Using Graded Texts and Authentic Genres
As students advance in their study of Mandarin Chinese, they are tasked with developing cultural competency in order to fully communicate. Incorporating graded texts and authentic language materials can simultaneously build linguistic and cultural fluency. This presentation will demonstrate how to strengthen the teaching and learning of cultural literacy in the Advanced Placement course through the use of supplementary materials.


Friday October 30, 2015 1:00pm - 2:15pm EDT
Board 1

1:00pm EDT

Fun Activities Based on Critical Thinking Skills
This presentation will provide practical methods to help students obtain 21st Century skills such as critical thinking skills. The presenter will introduce how to categorize thinking strategies into routines for introducing and exploring ideas, for synthesizing and organizing ideas and for digging deeper into ideas. The presentation will provide rationale behind every routine, appropriate content selection, process of each step, and assessment and tips. These methodologies will make the class activities more interesting. In Chinese.


Friday October 30, 2015 1:00pm - 2:15pm EDT
Seminar 2

2:30pm EDT

Learning by Doing: Engaging Students in Chinese Language Learning & Engaging Activities to Increase Student Interest in Chinese Language and Culture
In this combined session participants will have the opportuni- ty to take part in different games and engaging activities and learn how to incorporate them in class to help students improve Chi- nese proficiency. They will also have the chance to help students increase proficiency by using hi-tech or no-tech and exploring real- life tasks that support target language use by students. In Chinese.

Friday October 30, 2015 2:30pm - 3:45pm EDT
Seminar 2

4:30pm EDT

Finding a Balance Between Paper and Pencil and the iPad
The presenter will share and compare her own practices of using paper and pencil activities and the iPad in Chinese class. Topics discussed in this session will include different ways of teaching and learning through traditional and paperless methods. Participants will review the advantage of both methods and be able to choose the ideal approach to balance the use of mobile devices and paper and pencil in their own Chinese classrooms. In Chinese.

avatar for ChinHuei Yeh

ChinHuei Yeh

Shrewsbury Public Schools
A passionate Chinese instructor who loves to explore learning and teaching with technology. She also loves to share her experience with others.

Friday October 30, 2015 4:30pm - 5:15pm EDT
Seminar 2

4:30pm EDT

Perform the Culture: Integration of Behavioral Culture into Instruction
This session presents a hands-on implementation of Performed Culture Approach in Chinese language instruction. The presenter will use concrete examples to demonstrate how to provide the learners the personal experience of doing things in class in a specific context. Through repeated rehearsal and evaluated feedback, learners can internalize and transfer both linguistic forms and behavioral norms from short-term to long-term memory and become successful participants in Chinese culture using Chinese as their primary language.


Friday October 30, 2015 4:30pm - 5:45pm EDT
Seminar 2
Saturday, October 31

8:30am EDT

Skit as Proficiency-oriented Summative Assessment
This presentation explores proficiency-based teaching techniques in a Chinese classroom. Students' learning difficulties can emerge from structural differences between L1 and L2. L1-to-L2 feature borrowing may be spotted early in formative assessments but can remain obscure at a later stage of learning. An end-of-semester group skit is suggested as a summative assessment with which the outcome of formative instruction and learner language as expression can be examined to inform teaching. In Chinese.

avatar for Cheng-Fu Chen

Cheng-Fu Chen

Assistant Professor, Framingham State University

Saturday October 31, 2015 8:30am - 9:45am EDT
Seminar 2

10:00am EDT

Fun Chinese Class with Paper-Folding
Teaching Chinese is not only teaching language; introducing culture is the other essential component in the Chinese class. Paper-folding is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate an important aspect of Chinese culture. In this session, participants will learn to make different products of paper-folding based on the Ni Hao textbook series. Participants will be able to bring their products back to enrich their Mandarin program as well as to decorate their classrooms. In Chinese.

Saturday October 31, 2015 10:00am - 11:15am EDT
Seminar 2

11:30am EDT

Using Images and Topic-Specific Rhymes to Improve Chinese Teaching
This session is designed to further explore the effectiveness of image and rhyme in Chinese teaching. The presenter will discuss how teachers can use narrative images linked with topic-specific rhymes to engage students in high-level language learning. Through the chanting of the rhymes, students are able to increase the fluidity of their sentence building. With this engaging method of practicing basic phrase patterns, students become more confident in their essay writing. Detailed images are utilized as reference points for the rhymes, thus creating a multi-modal learning technique. In Chinese.


Tian Zhou

Tabor Academy

Saturday October 31, 2015 11:30am - 12:45pm EDT
Seminar 2