Massachusetts Foreign Language Association 2015 Fall Conference, October 29-31, Sturbridge, MA.

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Friday, October 30

8:00am EDT

Becoming Comprehensible: Easy, Practical Ways to Use Second Language Acquisition Research
This session will present a series of small, easy, practical and usable tweaks that any Latin teacher can start implementing immediately in order to begin to better align their classroom with the realities of language learning as demonstrated by Second Language Acquisition (SLA) research. Emphasis is on helping teachers easily and painlessly integrate research-driven best practices into their own classroom and style to improve students' Latin proficiency. Activities will be modeled, with examples provided and discussion encouraged.

avatar for Gregory Stringer

Gregory Stringer

Latin Teacher, Burlington High School
I am constantly working to improve my “Immersive Latin Classroom” in which students reap the unquestionable benefits of cultivating all four of the communicative modes - reading, writing, listening and speaking in Latin - but without eschewing the benefits of a traditional Latin... Read More →

Friday October 30, 2015 8:00am - 9:15am EDT
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10:00am EDT

Carmina et sacra quibus melius Latinam docere possis
Because songs and rituals enter the brain differently from what is read or spoken, using them in the Latin classroom enables better teaching of Latin. The presenter will share songs she has written, based on Broadway and old standards, to make Latin more accessible through a different, amusing, and engaging pathway. In addition, she will also share how she celebrates a calendar of events from the equinox in September to honoring seniors in June to make a coherent group of each class.

avatar for Alice Lanckton

Alice Lanckton

Latin teacher, Newton South High School
Come sing some songs only a Latin teacher would love. Here are the first words of one: (to the tune of "Guys and Dolls") When you see a verb and it's more than one verb you can bet . . . . Come learn the rest and 20 other songs that make Latin accessible. Terrible voices... Read More →

Friday October 30, 2015 10:00am - 11:15am EDT
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1:00pm EDT

Bringing Latin and its Vivacity into the 21st Century
Boo! Clues and mystery! People magazine! This session will explore active student-centered projects and activities that make antiquity alive for modern audiences and learners. Participants will explore projects that bring students together, get them up and moving, and connect life two thousand years ago to life now by looking at Halloween Hades; Rome and Pompeii scavenger hunts; and Ovid's Heroides in the 21st century. Participants will brainstorm and create projects for their own students as well.


Maureen Keleher

Teacher of Latin and English; Freshmen Class Co-Dean, Thayer Academy
I have been teaching Latin and English since 1994, both middle school and high school. Right now I am teaching high school, both regular level classes and honors and AP level classes. I strive to make the students master the Latin, love the language, see and feel the relevance of... Read More →

Friday October 30, 2015 1:00pm - 2:15pm EDT
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2:30pm EDT

Reading Strategies: Summarizing with a Purpose
In this interactive session, presenters will demonstrate several ways in which students at any level might interact with and show their understanding of a new passage of Latin ... without translating.

avatar for Sara Cain

Sara Cain

Latin Teacher, Monomoy Regional Middle School
A second-year Latin teacher who believes that all students of Latin grow exponentially as a result of their studies. Let's see how we can show ourselves and our students the degree of that growth!

Friday October 30, 2015 2:30pm - 3:45pm EDT
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4:30pm EDT

Mythology Role-Playing Games in the Latin Classroom
This presentation will show how to make students active participants in mythology through table-top role-playing games (RPG). The presenter will share ways RPG can foster continued cooperation and enthusiasm for Latin and will also explain the mechanics of an Aeneid based RPG. Participants will then play a portion of the game. All RPG materials will be provided. This activity can be adapted to any textbook and has been thoroughly play-tested in the Latin classroom with grades 7-12.

avatar for Jocelyn Demuth

Jocelyn Demuth

Lead teacher, Latin, Whitcomb Middle School, Marlborough, Massachusetts
I have been teaching for the past 25 years, grades 6-12, levels 1- A.P. I am the author of the graphic novella, "Tres Fabulae Horrificae," a collection of three stories designed for students in level 2. Currently, I am teaching middle school in a public school in Massachusetts.

Friday October 30, 2015 4:30pm - 5:45pm EDT
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Saturday, October 31

8:30am EDT

Nunc Est Scribendum: Writing for Mastery
Research shows that active use of a language is the surest way to reinforce knowledge of vocabulary and syntax. In addition to providing opportunities for speaking in the classroom, teachers can engage students in writing activities, which can be a highly effective tool for acquisition, particularly those that allow for student creativity. This session will involve the participants in a series of writing activities that can be adapted to various levels of Latin instruction.

Saturday October 31, 2015 8:30am - 9:45am EDT
Executive 1

10:00am EDT

Coins can be an excellent window through which to teach lessons on Roman culture and history.  In this presentation, the presenter will share a unit on Nero and Agrippina and show how he integrated numismatics to engage students and enhance their learning.  Participants will come away with a complete unit and ideas for adapting other historical or cultural units.


Saturday October 31, 2015 10:00am - 11:15am EDT
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11:30am EDT

Classical Association of Massachusetts (CAM) Fall Meeting
The Classical Association of Massachusetts will hold its annual Fall Meeting. The MaFLA Battling Award winner will report findings from Summer Study. Please join us. New members are welcome! Dr. Edward “Ted” Zarrow, CAM president, MaFLA and NECTFL Teacher of the Year, will preside.

avatar for Edward Zarrow

Edward Zarrow

Westwood High School
Father, husband, Latin teacher @WestwoodHS, language advocate, ACTFL 2016 National Foreign Language Teacher of the Year, CANE Coordinator of Educational Programs, 2014-2018, MaFLA Advocacy Coordinator, National Council of State Supervisors for Languages

Saturday October 31, 2015 11:30am - 12:45pm EDT
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